Psycho Visions - History

A band playing metal in a wide sense. Defined by the audience in various ways – ranging from melodic death metal to universal music. Focused on creating diverse, attention-grabbing music. Founded in 2015 in Rzeszów, Poland, with three studio materials to this date: EP “further, darker, deeper …” from 2015, album “Inflect” from 2018 and album “Our Own” from 2020.

Formed as a five-piece band, after departure of original vocalist, Jakub „Skiborg” Skibiński in 2018, band took the form of a quartet. Second personal change took place on a bass player position in 2019 – Andrzej Wiktor Jurek left, and Kacper Sitarz joined the band.

Apart from the musical aspect, the band pays a lot of attention to the visual aspect of their art. The scenic presence, combined with the scenery, creates the complete world that the band shows to its audience.