Psycho Visions - Week summary

Week summary

Sunday January 17, 2021

Another positive review of “Our Own”, this time by Greeks from Flight Of Pegasus. Check it here:

Our album was among the best records of the “Werbel” plebiscite in Polskie Radio Rzeszów, among a large stylistic mix, which is even better!

We hit the Top 15 of the Week on Underground core and Underground metal playlist

@Unknown But Awesome Bands (Instagram) published material about us, thanks to which we could reach new people – thanks for this opportunity

Psycho Visions - Show date in Warsaw

Show date in Warsaw

Sunday January 10, 2021

We want to show you our world live, at concerts. We start talking about where and when we plan to be!

On April 16, we hope to visit VooDoo Club in Warsaw, together with MOYRA and Praise the Sun! Link : Moyra x Psycho Visions x Praise The Sun

More information will be available soon.We are waiting for the moment when we can stand on the stage again! This is not the only date planned – we want to share more soon.

From our other activities: thanks to XRP Radio for playing us! At the same time, thanks to everyone we had the opportunity to chat with live during the broadcast!

Psycho Visions - Cooperation with Music Wolves, reviews and us in summaries of the year!

Cooperation with Music Wolves, reviews and us in summaries of the year!

Sunday December 20, 2020

“Our Own” reaches new places!

Cooperation with Music Wolves!

➡ “Très polymorphe, ce deuxième album de PSYCHO VISIONS devrait ravir les fans de Thrash comme de Death mélodique, voire de Nu Metal pour les structures et les rythmiques des morceaux”Thanks for the kind words to French Rock’n Force! You can read the entire review on their profile, so go visit it!

➡ Vulture Thrust Metal Magazine from Botswana, Africa announced our album release

➡ What do we have in common with Alice in Wonderland and why is “Our Own” one of the most interesting releases of the year according to Music Wolves review? Read:

➡ Music Wolves takes patronage over us after reviewing “Our Own” – thanks a lot! And we invite you to follow their profile and website, because thanks to such people the scene can grow!

➡ “Our Own” is in the summary of the best albums at Wieczorna ROCKosfera. Thanks for the recognition, it’s a pleasure for us!

Psycho Visions - “Our Own” merch!

“Our Own” merch!

Sunday November 29, 2020

🔥 The premiere of “Our Own” T-shirts and hoodies! 🔥

From today you can find merch with the “Our Own” theme in our store!

We invite you to check out what’s new!

Thanks to Daedra for participating in promo session!

Psycho Visions - Summary of recent activities!

Summary of recent activities!

Sunday November 22, 2020

We are not slowing down!

We became the Band of the Week at Szarpidrut PL, thank you very much!

We talked about the new CD at EpiCentrum Rzeszów broadcast in Radio Centrum 89.0 FM Rzeszów thanks to Echo Experiment. Also thanks for sharing the news to Chaos Vault Webzine!…/chaos-vault-w-epicentrum…/

UJOT FM described our album as “not afraid to just be weird and exotic”. Why? We invite you to read the review! [in Polish]

We had the pleasure of appearing in the Odkrywamy w UJOT FM broadcast. Find below the full program (and a lot of good music), and our presence around 1:30:00…/odkrywamy-19112020/…

This Thursday we invite you to Radio ProRock, to the Antidotum broadcast, where you will be able to get albums from us and Gents from Dieselgate, which we sincerely recommend!

We are preparing something new for you, so expect some news soon!