Psycho Visions - Summary of recent activities!

Summary of recent activities!

Sunday November 22, 2020

We are not slowing down!

We became the Band of the Week at Szarpidrut PL, thank you very much!

We talked about the new CD at EpiCentrum Rzeszów broadcast in Radio Centrum 89.0 FM Rzeszów thanks to Echo Experiment. Also thanks for sharing the news to Chaos Vault Webzine!…/chaos-vault-w-epicentrum…/

UJOT FM described our album as “not afraid to just be weird and exotic”. Why? We invite you to read the review! [in Polish]

We had the pleasure of appearing in the Odkrywamy w UJOT FM broadcast. Find below the full program (and a lot of good music), and our presence around 1:30:00…/odkrywamy-19112020/…

This Thursday we invite you to Radio ProRock, to the Antidotum broadcast, where you will be able to get albums from us and Gents from Dieselgate, which we sincerely recommend!

We are preparing something new for you, so expect some news soon!

Psycho Visions - Paolo from Trivium reacts to our music plus new review!

Paolo from Trivium reacts to our music plus new review!

Saturday November 14, 2020

More publications with us!

Paolo Gregoletto from Trivium described us as a “very unique band”. What he advised in this regard? Check out the video below. Huge thanks, it means a lot!

“Psycho Visions’ music defends itself on this album” – this is what Heavy Metal Pages said about “Our Own”. Thank you! Whole text (in Polish):…/178…/5012-psycho-visions-our-own

Psycho Visions - Next week of our presence in media!

Next week of our presence in media!

Saturday November 7, 2020

Another week of our presence in the media is behind us!

We had the opportunity to appear in Metal Hammer Portugal and talk a bit about our new album:

“> Our Own< is a tasty treat for all fans of melodic death metal, but there is also a really rocking groove.” – this is how announced the review of our album [PL only]

“Psycho Visions has created a truly awesome record without a bad track” – such a summary appears in the article combined with the review of “Our Own” at The Gauntlet…/psycho-visions-points-the…

Our album appeared in the El Tio Melodeath (Mexico) summary of the October’s best releases

We played at Radio ProRock in Antidotum Rock’n’Rollowe broadcast

Thanks to everyone who gave us their time!

Psycho Visions - “Our Own” in recent days

“Our Own” in recent days

Friday October 30, 2020

We have exceeded 10,000 views of the clip “Everywhere yet Nowhere”, for which we would like to thank you all!

Our new album appeared in the Audycja 3Winyle 95.2 FM Radio Ostrowiec

We had the pleasure of becoming the Band of the Day at heavyroc

It was written about us in Japan via Eagletail Music JP and was spoken on Radio Powerplant

Next things are coming!

Psycho Visions - New 10/10 review of “Our Own”

New 10/10 review of “Our Own”

Saturday October 17, 2020

🔥“This style of playing reveals a new face of metal, so who knows if in a few years it will be Psycho Visions that will be hailed as one of its precursors”🔥

These are the words in the latest review “Our Own” by Wieczorna ROCKosfera. How are they based? Read the review on their profile. Thanks! In Polish only.