Psycho Visions - Video set for “Everywhere yet nowhere” from the upcoming album!

Video set for “Everywhere yet nowhere” from the upcoming album!

Sunday July 12, 2020

The whole weekend on the set for the music video “Everywhere yet nowhere” is behind us!

Together with Daedra and the rest of the great crew, which you will know at the premiere of the clip, we recorded an image that we are looking forward to.

Before this happens, we will have some behind-the-scenes materials for you – and a lot has happened: 3 days of work and a total of a dozen or so people on set, combined with the story gave us a lot of satisfaction and appetite for more.

Psycho Visions - New album cover art!

New album cover art!

Sunday June 7, 2020

It’s time for the premiere of the cover of the new album!

The upcoming album means for us new music, a new look, and a new approach to many elements.

The image that will decorate our new album is a visualization of what is important to us and what we want to include in our music.

We decided to create it in a physical and noble version – painted on canvas. Thanks to that, it became even more personal and “ours” for us.

A brush was operated by Mateusz Drabik Art and the photographic digital version was created by Jaroshka Photography. Cooperation was a pure pleasure!

Soon we will reveal the title and list of songs on the upcoming album, but now we leave you with the cover!

Psycho Visions - Our movie is live!

Our movie is live!

Monday May 18, 2020

Our 5th anniversary documentary is already on our YouTube channel.

Fell free to check it and we hope you will like it!

Psycho Visions - 5th anniversary!

5th anniversary!

Sunday May 17, 2020

5 years!

Exactly five years ago, on May 17th, we showed ourselves to the world as a band and our adventure began.

We’ve had three recording sessions, concerts, lots of places visited. And a lot of people we met – under the stage, on it, next to it, in various roles.
It has not always been an easy way, but we do not want to replace it with any other.

Let the best summary be the movie we have prepared.It contains a lot of unpublished materials – including a clip that was made to our EP “further darker, deeper …” from 2015, a live fragment of the first concert that took place on the same day as the EP’s premiere. Archival materials that shows the best what path we have traveled. And all this is accompanied by our commentary.

The list of people who were and are with us is too long to mention here. Thanks to all of you for your time for Psycho Visions. We hope that we will meet again more than once – whether during the premiere of new albums or at concerts, wherever they’ll lead us.

We want to thank in particular to Kuba Skibiński and Andrzej Wiktor Jurek, who co-created this band and its history – thanks gentlemen, and see you in the future!

With this summary, we close a certain chapter and open the new one – marked with a new album, image and plans. But you will hear about it soon!

Freedom of creation is the highest value we have.

Psycho Visions

Łukasz, Maciek, Kacper & Bartek

Psycho Visions - Celebrating our 5th birthday!

Celebrating our 5th birthday!

Friday May 1, 2020

We are starting the celebration!

This month is special for us, as it marks 5 full years of Psycho Visions. Alot has happened, few things changed, but we are stronger than ever.

We have three recording sessions behind us, few clips, interviews – both written and on the radio, and many shows, both in clubs and open-airs.

Thanks to what we are doing, we had a chance to meet many great people – connected with the stage as fans, media representatives or other bands members. We met people who are with us until today, and people, that we haven’t even dreamed to meet. Few adventures are behind us, and few others are on the horizon.

We want to celebrate this moment.

We’re preparing few new things for you, that we haven’t done before. Also few info about new album will appear.

We will go back to few situations, and you will hear about things, that we never mentioned before.

What is the first new thing we would like to announce? We made a movie. What will be in it that you couldn’t see before? Among others, fragments of the first concert… And much more. But the right day of the month will come.

Thanks for being with us and for helping us more than once – by being present at the concerts, writing and talking about what we are doing and all the chats after the gigs. Without this support we would not be where we are today.

See you soon!